The Characters

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ADAM - Tall and strong, with kind eyes that mask a tormented soul.  He has done too much and gone too far.  Desperately wants to know what it feels like to be loved, because he has never had anyone love him before.   

CREAM  - Also a tormented soul, very pretty, great body, sexy as hell.  Has a daughter whom she loves desperately, a job she hates and a husband who is suing her for custody of their child.

SERPEANT - The leader of the gang, evil personified.  Big, strong, evil eyes.  The type of man to kill for no reason other than to watch a man die.  What he loves the most is killing.  It turns him on like no woman could.

CRAY - Young and handsome.  The craziest most unpredictable one of all.  Cray loves women, he loves money, but what he loves most is danger.   

DIRTY NATE -  Tall, dark and angry.  Dirty Nate is a physical specimen, who loves to see fist covered in blood after beating the life out of someone.

EV EASY –  Young and easy going. Real laid back dude that doesn't give a damn about anything, even your life.

KIMMY - Pretty girl, awesome shape, just finished college and is still confused about what she wants to do with her life.

TANJI - Strong minded, good willed person, who is normally the rock of a family of three girls.  She speaks to Cream every morning and baby sits Cookie in the afternoon. She truly loves her family and do anything for them.

ROXY - dancer who works at the Gentlemen's Club with Cream.  Great body, cool as a fan, a straight shooter, who loves Cream like a sister.

GREGORY - Creams ex-husband, pretty boy handsome, great physique, should have been perfect for Cream.  He wants his daughter away from the life that Cream is providing.  Secretly is still in love with his ex-wife.

STEEL - crazy body,  fiery eyes, sexy, cold blooded criminal.  

SHERIFF JENKINS - Good ol’ boy that loves black women and would do anything to make one happy, including rob a group of wild and dangerous criminals, fresh off a heist.

VANILLA - thrill seeker, secretly having an affair with the town Sheriff.  Blond wig, seductive eyes, slim frame, chocolate skin, deceptively funny, loves to be bad.